InfoGov Excellence Award Winners at InfoGov World

2023 IG Excellence Award Winner

Horizon Therapeutics

From left to right:

Steve Koivisto (Executive Director IT Infrastructure),

Jon Shortall (Executive Director of Internal Investigations and Intelligence),

Patrick Zeller (Chief Privacy Officer, Executive Director of Information Governance and Cyber Security Counsel),

Saira Harcus (Director of IT Security),

Tim Walbert (Chief Executive Officer),

Dave Styler (Chief Compliance Officer).



There are 2 categories for the IG Excellence Awards:

IG Programs

Implemented by end user IG teams and facilitated by IG professionals including those in Privacy & Data Protection, Cybersecurity, eDiscovery, Data Governance, AI Governance, RIM, and related disciplines.

We have two award categories for end users:

  • Excellence in IG Programs or Excellence in IG Programs or Projects
  • Pioneering project within IG Programs

IG Solution Providers

Offering software solutions to solve business challenges.

We have two award categories for solution providers:

  • Project implementations
  • Innovative product developments/solutions

The Information Governance Excellence Awards will be governed by an independent group of IG experts. We reserve the right not to award all categories if none meet the high standards of the governing body.

How to Apply:

First, consider the what makes your IG project, program, or solution unique. Then put down a basic description of your proposed submission, inlcluding: 1) The business problem or challenge it addresses; 2) What is unique about your approach or solution; 3) Who were the key players involved in the implementation or development. Then email that to: [email protected]

Submit Your Entry Today!

Please send a basic description of your proposed submission and its unique, award-worthy characteristics to: [email protected]